Disney’s Robots Are The Stuff Of Nightmares


“Demonstrating the illusion of life” is probably the scariest quote you’ll hear all week. And while we know that the end product will be awesome, the testing footage released is anything but.

It’s uncomfortable viewing

What these animatronics are being taught might set you on edge. They not only mimic human eye movement like when reading, but they’ve added the more subtle blinking and saccade patterns.

They’ll even nod their head to acknowledge your wave and be able to follow conversation, which leads to quite a few questions. Will they eventually replace the current animators? What if we pair these robots with AI that’s reaching towards human-like consciousness? Will you be able to sleep after looking into those eyes?

If 2020 was a bad year, wait until the robot invasion of 2021.

Is this a fantastic scientific achievement, or are we too busy playing God? Let us know in the comments!