Discover The Best Laser Hair Removal Services On The Island With Brown’s


Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, shaving and painful plucking or waxing, and achieve long-lasting smoothness with Brown’s! 

Using top of the range cooling devices with the latest Candela technology, Brown’s guarantees a comfortable laser hair removal experience for all. All of their treatments are FDA approved and gentle yet effective, providing you with the optimal results you’ve been looking for at the lowest possible price.

By using a laser beam, the high-quality Candela technology is applied to the desired area to treat. Melanin in the hair attracts the light and converts it into heat energy, which can destroy the stem cell in the hair follicle and prevent it from future growth. Not only is the Candela technology one of the safest and most effective treatments on the market, but it eliminates 80% of all body hair.

Although most people require roughly 6 sessions of 6 to 8 week-intervals, results naturally vary from person to person. People with darker hair and lighter skin, for instance, are easier to treat since there is a greater difference between the amount of melanin in the skin and hair. 

You can also benefit from yearly membership offers, with a price of €385 for women or for men (half body) €399, and €499 for men (full body).

Brown’s offers its hair removal services in 11 clinics across the Island to suit all localities, and you can learn more about their services here: 

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