Digital Vs Paper Diary: Should We Sometimes Give Ourselves A Breather From The Digital World?


Can you relate? You’re out for a walk, getting your exercise done, and you remember that someone sent you a message that you forgot to reply to. Or you remember that you had forgotten to add an event or a meeting to your Google calendar. You grab your phone, lest you forget and the world falls down. While you’re at it, messages pop up, urgent emails are knocking on your lock screen – and suddenly you’re busy.

Our phones serve us well, but…

Our phones and all the other digital devices we’re surrounded with on a daily basis undoubtedly serve us in many ways; they help us get organised, capture special moments, communicate and not lose touch with friends, family, colleagues and business contacts, and of course they help us keep up to date with what’s happening around us. Smartphones are a must-have for most of us.

Having said this, we cannot but acknowledge that our phones create a sense of imminence and urgency; you almost feel as if you’re constantly missing out if you’re not looking at it.

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The key is balance. Always.

One solution? Getting a paper calendar diary can be one of the simplest, possibly unthought-of-solutions to get less distracted and be able to focus more.

Paper diary vs digital calendar

When you have a daily, multi-tasking schedule, a paper diary can be more practical and less stressful. You can look at a paper diary without getting easily distracted by any email or message that will inevitably pop up on your phone. So if you do not want to be distracted for a good stretch of minutes or hours, paper notebooks and diaries can help you focus without distractions.

What is also great about a paper diary compared with digital is that when you open a diary, you can see it all laid out in your own personalised layout and handwriting. So? You might ask. Well, we relate to it more – the paper diary speaks your language just fine.

Sustainability and good vibes

We all love trees, so if you care for the environment as much as we do, find that special diary made from recycled paper. And why not, draw a tree or something pleasant on the first page, so it’s the first thing you see whenever you open your diary – might sound futile, but these are all positive mental stimuli that contribute to our happiness.

Strike a balance – find your zen

No doubt – the all-mighty Google calendar made our lives better, and it’s certainly great to be able to see an overview of your week. Digital calendars are there to help you with any instant reference you might need and with instant enlisting events.

Striking a balance between a paper diary and a digital calendar is realistic, and ultimately good for your wellbeing – your mind will thank you later.

Get yourself a paper diary and start focusing more on your daily tasks. We at Gadgets absolutely LOVE digital, but we also love good ideas to make our lives better. Share and see what others think.