Dealing With Toxic People On Social Media 😷


Much as social media was built to spread the love, it might sometimes bring out the worst in people. If there’s no way of dealing with their drama, then you’ve got to take measures to avoid them.

No excuses

The first step is recognising toxic behaviour: only then can you begin tackling the issue. This person might be a casual acquaintance, a long-time friend, or even a family member. If someone’s constantly lying, putting you or others down and being pessimistic, then it’s time to move.

You’ve also got to understand that it’s not personal – they’re probably not targeting you per se, it’s just the way they are. Set boundaries, and stick to them. If you hate talking politics, for example, and they insist, don’t indulge them. It will take patience from your end, because these people often disregard boundaries. Still, you’ll be better for it in the long run.


Repeated pessimism from toxic people can bring you down as much as them – keep your focus on finding solutions. They might indeed be in a challenging situation, but your “job” as a friend is to help them out of it, not encourage them. If they prefer to focus on the negative, take that as your cue, and excuse yourself.

Clean up & cleanout

Once or twice a year, have a look through your friends list. If you spot people you dread receiving messages from or having contact with, there are a couple of things you can do. You’re under no obligation to explain yourself, because if their behaviour is bad for your health, that’s all the explanation needed.

If blocking them is off the cards, then try to surround yourself with positive people who improve your outlook on life. Surrounded by positivity, you’re less likely to be affected by someone else’s toxicity.

Now go forth and start changing things for the better!