Most DANGEROUS Social Media Trends


Social media runs off fads and trends. There have been loads over the years and there is no sign of them stopping.

Gallon Smash

This involves falling ”accidentally” and smashing a gallon bottle of milk in the form of a prank. We saw this do particularly well on the social media video sharing giant Youtube.

The Kylie Jenner Challenge

This involves creating a vacuum between your lips and the lid of a bottle or shot glass in order to make your lips look like Kylie Jenners. In actual fact your lips will be getting swollen due to “vessel engorgement,” meaning your blood vessels fill with blood, setting off an inflammatory chemicals.

The Cinnamon Challenge

Youtube and Facebook were BOOMING with videos of people attempting to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. Which happens to be extremely dry; making it almost impossible to swallow. A breath in also inhales cinnamon which isn’t comforting either.


The aim of the challenge is to lay still with your hands by your side, face down in places where this wouldn’t look normal at all. While the challenge in itself isn’t dangerous; loads of people have tried to take this to the next level by attempting this over scouring heights.

Rubber Band Challenge

Forget about putting loads of rubber bands around your finger to watch it swell. This trend involves tying a large number of rubber bands on your face and attempting to take a selfie. This, like the Kylie Jenner challenge works by restricting blood flow.

The Rice Ball Baby Challenge

Possibly the most harmless of all challenges; this involves placing your hands in a triangular shape on the face of the chubbiest baby you can find.
The results are nothing short of hilarious: