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Fatherhood is no easy task. Between unholy waking cries, multi-coloured nappy contents and developing a ghastly fear for any silence longer than 30 seconds, your hands are always full. On the positive side, there’s plenty of feels to go around, and we’ve picked our top 5 Maltese Dads on Social Media, with some bonus quotes at the end. Happy Father’s Day to all the special dads out there!

1. Ben Camille

If he’s not stealing hearts, he’s having his own stolen by Baby Elle, one laugh at a time, and we’re confident there are plenty! Take a gander through his Instagram photos, and you’ll quickly realise just how important family is to Ben. Here’s to enjoying your day as you know best!

2. Robert Abela

Striking the right work/home balance is never easy, especially if your job is to lead a country, no less through times like these. This is Abela’s first father’s day as a Prime Minister. With summer beckoning, we suggest Robert Abela takes the day off and enjoy it just like any other dad would!

“The best thing about being a dad is empowering my daughter to chase her dreams. With each passing day, I strive to be a role model to Giorgia Mae and to guide her in all her challenges. Both myself and Giorgia Mae share a passion for cooking. We always make it a point to eat dinner together as a family, even if that is sometimes incredibly challenging. The kitchen counter is where myself and Giorgia bond. And believe me, nothing beats being complemented by Giorgia Mae on a good plate of pasta.” – PM Robert Abela

3. JD Patrick

If he’s not cracking people up on the airwaves, he’s doting on his son, Julian, and sharing their precious laughs together.

They say that when you become a parent, your kids are always on your mind…and it’s 100% true! And it’s the best thing, seeing him smile, hearing him laugh and remembering these little moments when I’m not next to him. Sure, getting him to sleep is an endless challenge, but that last little cuddle before he does settle down? Melts my heart every time.JD Patrick

4. Kevin Naudi

“Father by choice, actor and stand-up comedian through passion and ambition” is how Kevin Naudi sums it up. A master on the stage, behind the scenes he’s a loving husband and father of two girls he absolutely adores. Undoubtedly though, he’ll be cracking the jokes and keeping the good times rolling!

5. Sean Gravina

If he’s not working on a new divine dish, he’s cooking up fun times with his own little one. The matching smiles could put a smile on the dourest of faces, but we’ve got to ask: have Harry’s curls grown back?

“The best thing of being a dad is the actual experience of building a bond with your children…it’s that special feeling where you see your relationship evolve. My relationship with Harry is a very loving one. I wish I could spend more time with him, but work doesn’t always permit. But when I do it’s like we’re best buddies”Sean Gravina

And while we love gossiping about these celebrity dads, we also adore our very own Gadgets Fathers. They created Gadgets (the show) as a concept, and they’ve also got their own kids. Say it your way Ian and Justin…

6. Ian Busuttil Naudi

The best part of being a father is probably seeing your son jump with joy when returning from a long day at work. Just seeing his happy, little face makes every trouble fade away. I’d never imagined it would be this, yet one of my favourite activities is taking any regular household item and creating a game out of it, which could last hours. That, and blowing bubbles. Never gets old. – Ian Busuttil Naudi

7. Justin Camilleri

No matter how your day’s going, getting that random “I love you, Dad!” is possibly one of the best feelings ever. Also, Hungry Hippo has been the game of choice during the lockdown…with no competition.Justin Camilleri

And, truth be told, this writer is also some kind of father:

8. The Writer

My experience of being a dad comes from my four-legged hunger machine, which he inevitably gets from me. Best moments have got to be chasing each other around the house, but eating in peace has become quite the challenge. Random cuddles reduce my heart to a soppy mess. 12/10 good boy rating.” – James Grech

Maybe the lockdown forced us to spend more time together than we’d typically do, but there’s no denying that it was needed. The value of family and sharing special moments has been re-affirmed, and it’s definitely something worth holding on to as we head into the new normal.

With this, we’ll take the opportunity to wish all dads and father figures around the world the best of days that you surely deserve! #GoTeamDad

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