“Cut The Crap, Invest In Talent, Tech, & Creativity”: Maltese Startups React To Greylisting


It’s been incredibly bleak these couple of days, what with the greylisting of Malta following the FATF’s vote. Though there’s a lot of noise about what it could mean for Maltese businesses (very little of it good), it must be said that from adversity, some form of light must shine. Otherwise, the suffering (whether deserved or not) would have been all for nothing.

A local startup group on Facebook saw members ask each other what the next steps could be, and it’s evident that those fearing the unknown are matched by those looking to use this disruption as an advantage.

Problems & opportunities

Though there were fears that the greylisting would happen, it still shocked many within the business community, leading to various group members to ask some pretty pertinent questions.

One member however was quite upbeat about the whole situation. Though it might seem like he was trying to downplay it, there’s no doubt that there are opportunities for those willing to take the risk.

To be fair, it’s a pretty large blip that will cause many businesses to stumble, trip and fall. But as he, and other members mentioned, there’s no room for beating around the bush anymore, so we might as well face the music and begin investing adequately into the workforce, embrace “real” creativity and build solid tech foundations…and work to achieve an environment where this never happens again.

What do you think of Malta’s greylisting?