Could Your iPhone Have Been Hacked? Update NOW!


It’s fair to say that news is passing us by at unprecedented rates, and if we’re not checking our phones for political updates (local and foreign), then we’re looking at COVID-related news. Amidst all that, it’s easy to have missed Apple’s latest iPhone update, which should concern anyone with iPhone 6 and later models.

Security alert & emojis

One part of the update will install over 100 emojis, as part of the raft of images touted to be released around this time. Though we might not place too much importance on them, emojis are actually a very powerful way of how we shape online conversations. This update is also available on Android 11.

The other aspect is one of security. There were three issues that were being exploited. There was one RCE (remote code execution) problem, a memory leak and a kernel privilege escalation. Of the three, it’s the first that’s most concerning, as RCE would allow hackers, criminals or even governments to run code on your phone.

All you need to do though is update to the latest software and you’ll be good to go forth and enjoy your new emojis safely 👍