Could The Next iPhone Be A Foldable One?


Before any folding fans start getting excited (which you should), a finished product is still a couple of years away, at best. Having said that, let’s take a quick look at the rumours surrounding this slightly surreal piece of news.

Just a screen for now

The current tech being worked on is the display and screen size. The phone that screen would then fit onto is not even being talked about in detail apparently. In terms of size, the phone would unfold to the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but various options are still being discussed.

Concept visual

Apple has not commented on anything just yet, but then again, they rarely do before joining any new market. They’re also lagging behind companies like Samsung who already have pholdables, whereas LG is even showing off rollable phones.

Raise a finger

In a more current update, Apple is also looking to add in-screen fingerprint scanners, similar to some Android models. They’ve been looking at implementing that for most of 2020, and it seems like 2021 might actually be the year it happens. And in other news, Air Tags should finally land this year, and the iPad Pro could also get an upgrade with a Mini LED display, while work continues on a new, thinner, entry-level iPad. Stay tuned!

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