Cool Tech to Bust those Pesky Summer Insects


Everyone loves summer. The sun, the beach, the drinks, the barbecues. As ubiquitous as these are, there is one more summer component that is as mind-bogglingly annoying as it is persistent, and that is mosquitoes. Along with the conventional methods of spray and Citronella, Gadgets identified a few cool and innovative ways you can combat those meddling mosquitoes.

1. Feel the Burn

This cool little gadget is more focused on cure rather than prevention. Mosquitoes release a chemical in our skin which prevents the wound from closing up, so that they can drink to their hearts content without getting physically stuck to our bodies. The Therapik device uses infrared light to denature the proteins left by the mosquito, effectively relieving pain and itching, and preventing swelling. Simply apply the little device to the affected area until the heat becomes tangible, and the pain is gone. Now that’s smart.

2. Create Your Own bubble

Rather than spray chemicals onto your skin, the ThermaCell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller repels all mosquitoes within a 15 feet radius. It is effectively a diffuser of mosquito repellent, which works with a battery and creates a repellant zone, ensuring protection to the user. A single cartridge is effective for 9-12 hours, and that’s definitely bang for your buck!

3. Electric Insect Killers

One for those who truly hate mosquitoes, this device takes no prisoners, attracting mosquitoes with a warm blue glow before zapping them into oblivion. Many different brands and variants exist at different price points, ensuring that there is one for everybody. Just clean up every few days as no one likes the sight of a grim mosquito graveyard.

4. Fight them with Food

If food is what they want, then food is what they’ll get. Ideal to leave in sitting or stagnant pools of water around, these pieces of food attract mosquitoes but are infused with a deadly poison, ensuring that this delicious meal will be their last. Kind of an unholy last supper.

5. The ShooAway

This one is a bonus because it applies to all bugs attracted to food, including flies and mosquitoes. This effective little fan is placed between dishes of food, creating a vortex of air that confuses all bug within its airspace. Enough of those pesky bugs on your food!

6. The Executioner

It wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t include a toy for the kids too. This electrified racket comes with a cool name, fun design and can serve to be productive entertainment for the children at the barbecue. Just be sure to exercise caution as the tiny electric current can cause quite a sting!