Come try out the latest noise-masking earphones at the Gadgets EXPO


Do you dream of uninterrupted sleep? Bose have created noise masking ear phones to give you the quiet sleep you’ve been dreaming about. Come test them out at the Gadgets EXPO at the Malta Robotics Olympiad at the MFCC in Ta Qali between the 10th-12th May. What makes these ear phones a must-have?

They cancel out your partner’s snoring

There’s nothing worse than longing for a good night sleep only to be interrupted by your partner’s loud snoring. The Bose earphones drown out any noise so you can have the interrupted sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

They relax you into sleep mode

Find trouble relaxing before going to sleep? The earphones have pre-loaded soothing sounds to help you sleep. You can enjoy listening to chirping crickets or just set tranquillity mode for a true calming experience.

Nightshifts are more bearable

If you work nights, sleeping during the day can be a nightmare. Noise creeps up from everywhere – whether it’s your neighbour sweeping the floor or construction outside your window. Daytime noise can be an endless conundrum. The Bose earphones cancel all the noise so your nightshift blues become a thing of the past.

They get you up in the morning

Not only do these earphones help you sleep, but they also help you wake up in the morning. The earphones allow you to set an alarm clock which only you can hear – avoiding waking anyone else up in the process.

Come check out this great gadget at the Gadgets EXPO.