Cocaine Bear: A Killer Film To Watch With Friends!


Cocaine Bear” is a quirky and off-beat film that combines elements of dark humour, crime, and adventure. The film’s absurd premise, which involves a bear that ingests large quantities of cocaine. 

This film makes a point of mentioning that the film is “based on a true story” however director Elizabeth Banks has taken some amazing liberties with the true story that the movie is based on. 

The film tone of that of a dark comedy could and should have worked however due to the number of subplots some viewers may find that the pacing is slow in parts, and the humor can be hit or miss. The film’s main draw, the bear, is not featured as much as one would expect, leaving viewers craving for more of the furry star. Nevertheless, the kills are gory and fun, but the film needed more to stand out as a great dark comedy.

Although it has its flaws, the film’s cast performs well, with even the child actors delivering a great performance. However, at times, the subplot featuring the children seems to drag. Again there are just too many subplots in this short movie, this makes the film feel overlong, they could have easily reduced a few and added more of the bear and the movie would have been much, much better.

In summary, “Cocaine Bear” is a film that is worth watching with friends as you are sure to have a blast laughing as the kills fly and at the antics of the “high” bear, however, the film has way too many shortcomings to make it a classic. As Jeremy Jahns would put it, “Would have been a better time, if you’re drunk.”


The film is currently showing at the Eden Cinemas!