Christabelle Replaces Notepads With A Remarkable Gadget


For some of us, the ads have been all over Facebook and Instagram, and to be fair, reMarkable looks like a nifty piece of tech. If you’re not sure what it’s about, Maltese singer Christabelle gave a demo on her Insta stories!

Why it’s special

The reMarkable 2 is a replacement for paper, especially for people like Christabelle. “I go through these types of notebooks one every few months, because I write literally everything one paper”, she said at one point.

What the tablet device brings is a paper-like feel, which allows you to take handwritten notes, which you can then convert to regular PDF text. It’s great because if you love the feeling of actually writing something down. You’ll get the same cathartic feeling, without actually using paper. So, it’s kinda eco-friendly too, in a way!

Of course, any lists or documents you write can be shared on various devices, so all in all, it’s a great gadget to have!

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