Malta’s Celebrities React to the New Instagram Questions Sticker

Instagram Questions Featured Image

Instagram has introduced another form of interaction to their platform, this time in the form of questions. Instagram has delivered this new feature in the form of a sticker. This new sticker allows users to ask questions to the poster of the story.

Instagram Questions StickerWhile this might seem like a repeat of websites like, where people used the anonymity to dish out abuse, Instagram questions are not anonymous. This, in theory, will discourage people from using it as a means to bully others online. We decided to ask some of our local celebrities about their experience with Instagrams new feature.

How did they react to Instagram Questions?

To be honest, we expecting to hear some negative stories, but the result was quite the opposite. The reception to Instagram Questions so far has been very positive.

Ira Losco loves the new feature, calling her experience so far “Amazingly positive”. Being able to be asked questions by her followers, something which might not have happened through private message has been “Very engaging”. “It’s been so much fun to answer and trying to personalize each message”.

Tamara Webb said it’s “More interactive and it’s an easier way to answer questions normally asked privately”. She also created a highlight featuring the most common questions she gets asked. “The reply would be visible to so many who probably have the same questions!”


More opinions are being sent in and we will update accordingly.

What has your experience of Instagram Questions been so far? Have you received any negative experiences? Let us know in the comment section below.