Celebrating 10 Years Of Innovation As Submissions For E-business Awards Open


Never has there been a more relevant time to celebrate all efforts towards the betterment of digital practices that excel towards innovation, sustainability and all the while using the same platform to address social issues and concerns.

Tech.mt celebrates this right at its core as it announces its preparations for the 10th edition of the e-Business awards. Nominations for the award are open and can be submitted until the 12th of September.


In 2019, The Malta Government along with the Chamber of Commerce created the Tech.mt platform to both assist and enhance Malta’s tech companies to move forward; not just locally but beyond, as it seeks to attract international fairs and conferences.

Examples of Innovation Technology of all Time

Tech.mt’s ethos moves towards a more holistic digital ecosystem, where it sets innovation and digital excellence at the heart of what it does. Since their foundation, they have been the ones running the e-business Awards.

9 categories for efficient, innovative & sustainable solutions

The award looks at companies who have adopted an open mind towards the implementation of web-based solutions that are efficient and more sustainable; meaning they can be easily replicated and maintained. Such initiatives are celebrated as they are innovative and can help facilitate workflow and extend efficient digital services to different sectors.

The nomination looks at 9 different categories – innovation, visual appeal, interactivity, content, objective attainment, targeting, administration, analytics and platform used.

Tech.mt CEO Dana Farrugia explains through a Linkedin post, ” we encourage innovators, developers, and academics to take up this opportunity and put forward their creations in the technology sphere. Together we celebrate your success, Malta‚Äôs success.”

Know of a tech guru who has was it takes? Nominate anyone who you think deserves the award.