This is why YOU can’t put your phone down.


Somehow or another, nearly everyone is addicted to the internet. Or a certain aspect of it at least. Technology has long been accused of not only getting us addicted, but getting us addicted to distraction.

Many of us go through the struggle of getting distracted by technology everyday, especially on tasks that require more concentration that it takes to type update your status.

People EVERYWHERE are glued to their devices and quickly run back home, dropping everything; the minute they notice they forget their phone. Regardless if it is needed to do certain tasks.

  1. Tech Etiquette
    The last decade has given us loads of groundbreaking devices. What we haven’t been given is a set of rules of things to do/not to do when we pull out a laptop or smartphone. An obvious one would be: loads of us use their phone while driving, even though it is an obvious behaviour to avoid.
  2. Information Consumption has tripled
    The amount of information we consume nowadays is three times what we did 50 years ago. The problem of consuming more and more information isn’t new, books have been around for ages. The problem we face nowadays lays in the fact that this is ever growing, with no signs of slowing down. We have to find more & more ways to keep up to date.
  3. The technology itself
    The technology coming out everyday is blowing our mind on the daily. The internet itself was meant to be an interruption system, a device that is specialised in diverting our attention to it. Physical tech aside, online services like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter are masters of mind manipulation. Having to check them to keep in check is something which they thrive off and work towards everyday.
  4. Your Job
    You have been nurtured to keep up to date with your emails. Checking them before meetings, after, during, on your lunch break, the list goes on and on.