Can Money Buy Immortality? Digitally, Yes


We know how Kim Kardashian Wests birthday celebrations went down, but weve just learned the gift husband Kanye gave her. Truth be told, were in a mixed state of awe, shock and fear. Read on to find out why

Its a hologram of her dad

To come up with something like this, between 500 and 1,000 photos or assets would be needed, and it would be even easier if theres filmed content. In the case of Robert Kardashian, there was plenty, given he was defending OJ Simpson back in 1995. For the most part, the video is actually heart-warming: a father telling his daughter how proud he is of her, how he watches over them and the growing family.

What made us stop and say, Wait, what? was when Robert Kardashian congratulated Kim on marrying the most, most, most, most, most genius man in the world, Kanye West. Deep faking someone alive to say that is one thing: using a deceased person to parrot your opinion of yourself is something else entirely.

Ethics? What ethics?

We actually mentioned something similar recently. Some companies are working on ways to upload human minds to robots or avatars. As one expert put it: We dont have the answer, but were living the question. AIs are already learning everything about us: when you take photos or videos, social media comments宇he list goes on.

Not the life in the cloud the church teaches us about…

The theory goes that with all of this info available, we can live on after death, digitally.

But would you be willing to speak with someone resting peacefully below ground? And where do we draw the line? Should we have to sign forms allowing or preventing our digital likenesses to be used?

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