Calling Entrepreneurs & Startups: This Is For You


Ever had a business idea that rumbles about in your head? Never seems to go away, but you’re not sure how to move forward with it? You’re not the only one, and from today until 18th March, there will be webinars each Thursday discussing precisely this. Here’s what to expect from them, and why you should join if you truly believe in your idea.

It’s just the start

The sessions take place until March are just the start, and you can look forward to more action towards summer. The reason you’d want to start now is because, just like any business idea, creating a culture of innovation is a journey. More than that, it’s a journey that doesn’t really end either – you start and continue to innovate as you go along.

These first meetings of course will tackle innovation in the widest sense possible. Also worth noting, is that this is not strictly white coat research. These discussions apply to any new product or service the market wants, which is also an interesting point. The focus is on wants rather than needs, because for something to be classed as an innovation, the market needs to accept it.

Who’s in there?

In terms of participants, there are people from a variety of backgrounds. Lateral thinkers, entrepreneurs, startups – you name ’em, they’re there. That’s also part of the reason these are not preaching sessions. You can virtually raise your hand and give your thoughts.

The sessions have been put together by Enterprise Network Europe, Malta Enterprise and the Malta Innovation Forum. The speakers include some of Malta’s foremost lateral thinkers, like Joe Woods and Johann Zammit, as well as business leaders like Martina Zammit and Andre Schembri.

Island innovation

The Malta Innovation Forum was formed around 2 years ago and is a non-profit organisation. They’re of course innovation-centric in all its shapes and facets. What they do is meet, promote and host events like this to continue boosting innovation in Malta and people linked with Malta.

As Joe Woods said in the opening meeting, innovation is a culture. It’s not a ministry or a department. These things can help push innovation, but essentially it is a mindset that one grows into. It’s no walk in the park and takes a lot of hard work.

Globalisation, for better or worse, means that entrepreneurs are playing against every other country. We can’t continue doing business like before – things have changed now, so we must innovate and remove the fear of failure that paralysed companies into inaction.

So, if you’re looking to start a new business or take your existing product, service or offering to the next level, these sessions will help you do just that.

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