Bużnanna Memories Will Never Be Lost Again As Magna Żmien Offers Digitisation Services


Have you ever wondered what your great-grandparents were like and all about their life stories? Did their passing mean that their stories were lost forever? And how many photos and other physical memories were altogether buried away with time?

Imagine your children’s children being able to savour the pictures and hear the voices or even watch footage of their long lost ancestors. Imagine how they could potentially relate and understand those who came before them, never met, but are still family.

Digitisation of the past

Your memories will never be lost again – Magna Żmien voluntary organisation is offering a digitisation service for any audiovisual memories – anything from recordings, to video footage and photographs.

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Magna Żmien offers the service at a reasonable cost, using top-quality equipment. But if you decide to donate the content to them, the service will be done free of charge.

Heroes of memories

Magna Żmien started off as a project in 2017, advocating for the preservation of past audiovisual collections through the process of digitalisation. The built-up archive could then be used by different researchers and artists.

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Magna Żmien’s memory installation in Siġġiewi, 2018

Their work was frequently exhibited through several installations across villages in Malta – featuring past physical memories.

It’s not simply about making memories eternal…

By using Magna Żmien’s digitalisation service, you will be also supporting the organisation. The funds will help with the running costs of the project – including maintenance, rent and web hosting.

We at Gadgets believe that history is a crucial part of understanding ourselves – preserving history and memories are therefore elemental to safeguarding the stories of the past. If you agree, support Magna Żmien by donating any old audio-visual content you might want to share.