Budget 2021: Moving Online To Save Businesses


Loosely translating to “Strongly Moving Forward”, “B’Saħħitna l-Quddiem” is the Budget’s tag line and quite a bold statement of intent ahead of tonight’s Budget 2021. We’ve already mentioned what we’d like to see, but why not delve deeper into the matter?

Digital vouchers…please

Prime Minister Robert Abela has already confirmed that government vouchers will be issued once again. However, we’re yet to see the total amount and parameters where to spend them. As we’ve already said, there are surely enough reasons to have at least the option for online?

It makes sense environmentally, and we’ve got the tech and the people to pull it off, so what’s holding us back? If they’re worried about people not downloading the vouchers, add an extra one as incentive for people using vouchers digitally. Should be reason enough!

Support online (more)

Let’s make this clear: all businesses probably need some form of help, especially since this virus is here to stay for now. However, for companies finding ways to shift their business online, should they get an extra bit of help? Website design, building and set up come with a hefty price tag, not to mention the risk of all that work and business remaining slow.

Any help is useful in these situations, so anyone looking to innovate their offering deserves to be rewarded. In fact, the Chamber of Commerce has indicated in their proposal three pillars on which to build the Budget: Recover, Re-invent & Re-invest. There’s no going back to the pre-COVID economy, so who evolves best will survive and eventually thrive.

Education & Carbon Emissions

Since there’s no way that schools should be fully opened, how about supporting parents who invest in educational tech at home? It’s an incentive that will aid lessons taken at home, but keeping schools open even in a limited way helps working parents continue with their jobs.

We saw reduced traffic during the past few months, although it has started creeping back slowly. We’re still far off from trusting public transport, so maybe we can add more incentives to purchasing electric vehicles.

Winter is coming

In the UK, there’s a scheme where employees working from home this winter are entitled to a weekly €6.62 bonus. If the employer can’t afford that sum, it’s taken off from the employee’s taxes. You’d think it’s nothing, but we’ll need all the help we can get, especially since we increase our electricity consumption with or without heating when teleworking! If not that, then at least some form of exemption on our utility bills will be more than welcome.

What did we miss?

These are just our views on the Budget, but is there anything else you’d like to see from a tech perspective? Let us know in the comments!