Bringing 6 Universities Together in A New Alliance


The European Commission has long envisioned a more dynamic approach towards universities across Europe, and their common goals and values. The SEA-EU is the result of such aspirations where six allied Universities across Europe – Croatia, Poland, Malta, Germany, Spain and France – share access to develop multidisciplinary knowledge towards sustainable development.

Towards a zero blue economy

The SEA-EU is all about the sea and all six universities are located within different coastal areas of the Mediterranean.

We talked to UM SEA-EU Research Officer Christine Said, where she tells us: “The alliance has been successfully working on and holding various joint projects which have all helped in paving the way for even more collaborative efforts and new ideas in creating more opportunities to work together and integrate all aspects of our alliance”.

Like many across the world, the early phases of the project had to face and overcome the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brought along with it.

As Said continues to elaborate, “students and researchers collaborate with our industry stakeholders in bringing into fruition projects and collaborations whilst fostering new industry leaders in our global journey to a net carbon zero blue economy.”

Collaborations build bridges

Through shared access of different resources between the six universities, this will make way for joint programs of study, research, cultural activities and job opportunities. SEA-US will also allow students to network internationally, explore new cities, new cultures and different languages by transferring their studies to any of the other Universities.

SEA-EU now even incorporates other disciplines.

SEA-EU project is an innovative and multifaceted project that builds strong collaborations through the sharing of ideas, and opening one’s mind to new thoughts and methods on how we can move from the more traditional throw-away society to the world-aspiring circular economy.

Local Experts behind the project

Around 95 members of staff are contributing to the SEA-EU alliance project in Malta. Within the University of Malta, a team of three members – Technical Manager Maria Calleja, Research Officer Christine Said and Rector’s Delegate Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino – are working hard to delegate with the other five Universities as well as keeping the project ever-relevant and ongoing.

Are you interested to be part of the SEA-EU Project? Check out what this amazing project is offering.

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