BREAKING NEWS: What Happened To Keith While Away…?


This week our Gadgets pair Ian and Martina are noodling about with none other than everyone’s favourite Anchorman Mr.Keith Demicoli and his wife Alexia!

We get straight to business with Ian chomping down on his noodles, Martina patiently waits to dig into her great looking spring rolls and dumplings, whilst a dressed down Keith together with his wife also had an Asian stir fry which was described as divine by Keith’s wife Alexia. The delicious food was delivered by our Tech Away Sponsors – Delivify from Asian cuisine masters Kuchi

If you missed this weeks show you’re missing quite a special one! Some of our favourite moments include:

1. Hold your HORSES!

Is there anything worse than losing your voice right before a news bulletin for a News Presenter? Poor Keith is immediately shown footage of when he was just starting out for PBS news, 14 years ago. He couldn’t get control of his vocal chords and sounded very croaky with a hoarse voice attempting to speak to the country on public television!  This affected Keith so badly that he actually took 4 months to finally present the news again as this unfortunate episode really took a toll on his confidence!

2. DJ Keith Demicoli in the house!

Back in 2001 Keith thought he was on the way to instant stardom with his illegal CD mixes. However we’re lucky he opted to bless our viewers with his dapper good looks on TV as a newscaster. Have a look at that album closer! We have some very serious doubts on his DJ capabilities. A Westlife song really Keith?!

3. How does Keith manage to keep in such good shape?!

Alexia is very pleased with her husbands fitness levels and says that he is toning very well – we find out that Keith loves to run, even if it means risking running into bears whilst on holiday… sorry we mean deers. Martina sneakily asks for a sneak preview of his abs of steel but turns out Keith needs to work a bit harder. You’ll get there Keith!

4. Snogs and frails

Mr.Demicoli has a great command of the Maltese language and eloquently updates us with news from around the world. But it seems like Keith tends to mix words up – as Alexia calls him ”Johnny in the air”.
Yes Keith … bebbux are snails… not frogs!

5. When he nearly got busted by the Mrs!

Watch this week’s episode and find out how and why Keith ended up with a photo of one of Romania’s upcoming pornstars on his phone and how it nearly ended his relationship with Alexia! Keith isn’t even sure he can believe this story himself!

What an episode! Watch it here: