Black Friday: How To Spot A Fake Online Review


The day itself of Black Friday is about 2 weeks away, but deals are probably set to start well before the 27th. Furthermore, we’re expecting, and hoping, that most deals will focus on online shopping and delivery, rather than visiting physical shops.

So, if you, like us, are looking to shop online (and shop local if you can!) here’s what you need to look out for when checking reviews.

Shop local

It’s a lot easier to spot fake reviews if the seller lives on the same 316 km² island as you do. If you don’t know them, then someone in your contact list probably does.

Trust your gut

If you spot an unusually high number of positive reviews compared to others in a particular category, you might want to dig a bit deeper. If you get a funny feeling in your gut when reading, it’s probably 💩

And some people are full of it

Just keep reading

If you’re going to check multiple reviews, look for similar language being used. The only changes might be synonyms, while the sentence itself is the same between one review and another.

Sorry, nafek?

If you don’t know the brand, make sure to do some research before buying. Do you know of anyone who’s bought it before? If it’s a home-made product, the chances are the seller will be happy to talk about their product and answer any questions you have.

Be wary and report if necessary

Some sellers will incentivise people to leave photos and videos celebrating the product. If there’s something suspicious about it, report to the selling platform if available, and allow them to investigate before you buy. If there’s no one to report to, you’re better off buying from elsewhere.

Did we miss anything? Will you be shopping online for Black Friday? We want to know!