Black Friday ➡️ Black Weekend ➡️ Black Week?


We’ve said it before, and the closer we get to the day(s), the we feel these predictions will come to pass. Prices are set to drop further than usual, and expect main events to be online, rather than in-store, and above all, offers will be a lot longer than a weekend. A week? It becomes more plausible with each day.

OK, when’s the actual date?

Black Friday’s precise date is 27th November. It would usually be followed by Cyber Monday, which tends to have all the techy and gadget deals, but expect changes to the established order. Most outlets will have offers either lasting the entire week or introduce different deals on different days, and mostly online.

Apart from looking to entice as many customers as possible, the variety of offers will also spread the volume of website traffic.

Speaking of traffic…

There are a couple of things you can do to make sure you don’t miss out on any deals or products on your wish list. Prepare your wish list, follow your favourite retailers on social media and subscribe to their newsletters if possible. There’s a good chance they’ll share any information on upcoming deals on those platforms, and you can get yourself set.

If large swathes of people visit the same website at one go, there’s a chance it may take long to load, or even crash. Basically, prepare what you can from before so you can beat the virtual crown as much as the physical one.

A new kind of rush hour?

Will Maltese businesses focus on shifting Black Friday to an online platform, or will we still rely on physical stores, even during COVID? Let us know in the comments below!