Someone Paid a €43 Restaurant Bill Using Only Small Change

Paid in Cash

In a world where paying for something is literally as easy as taking a card out of your pocket and punching in a few numbers, someone thought it was a good idea to do some amateur accounting.

Paid in Cash

Fabian Camilleri, the manager of one of Malta’s leading restaurants posted this hilariously ludicrous photo yesterday. Feeling that taking out a card was far too much work, this particular patron decided that counting what looks like around 200 coins was the best solution. I like to imagine this individual walking in with a medieval style money bag.

Medieval Money BagAnd there are also no shortage of alternatives. Apart from traditional bank cards, a good number of establishments accept Myney. Which works very similar to Google Pay, which sadly still doesn’t work in Malta. Or even Revolut, which you’d think is a a cult if you ever heard us talk about it. Despite the growing popularity of these kind of apps, and the convenience they offer, we still find it hard to move away from cash.

Maybe we should be thankful they didn’t try to offer a gold nuggets as payment…

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