Better Sheep Than Sorry! Why You Should Invest in Security Cameras


Ever since the news broke, the talk of the town has become the story of the man with an…how shall we put it? Excessive love for lamb? Once the initial giggles and memes subside, we are left with the very morbid reality that an individual broke into someone’s private property to commit sexual acts with animals.

Were it not for the street cameras adjacent to the property, the man would have never been caught by the police. This brought up the all too real issue that many times, incidents are impossible to prove without concrete proof. Damage to property, dented cars, stolen backpacks and all the other offences that go unresolved and unpunished for lack of reliable evidence.

Source: TVM

While most businesses and companies ensure that there are ample security cameras at the workplace, the same cannot be said for private residences. Unfortunately, most private residences install security cameras after a burglary or robbery has occurred, by which time the criminals would have become wise to the home improvement and moved on to greener pastures. 

Why should we invest in security cameras?

Apart from the obvious advantage to cameras, there are a few more understated benefits. Criminals (at least the smarter ones) usually examine a residence before attempting any form of break-in. The presence of security cameras generally acts as an effective deterrent to prevent them from going through with their plans.

If the criminal is wise to your cameras and attempts to conceal his identity, all is not lost. In terms of insurance, when filing a claim, home-owners must list the objects that have been stolen or damaged. High definition security cameras may allow for owners to easily spot and prove what was actually taken. 

While these are uses for security cameras in terms of criminal offences, a daily use of cameras can simply be to check in on your house. Working parents may be afforded the comfort and ease of mind to monitor their kids, check in on their pets and the situation at home in general.

Many modern security systems today link up to the internet and can be seen directly from the owners phone. Ever heard an unsettling noise at night and been fearful to go and inspect it? How about checking in on your phone, in the comfort of your own bed? Sounds like the perfect mash-up of luxury and security.

Silver CCTV Camera on the white wall
Source: Home Security Matters

Buying a CCTV security system is an invaluable investment for your home and safety, and can prevent countless headaches and potentially life-threatening scenarios.