Benefit From Up To €50,000 To Switch To More Sustainable Business Practices


“It pays to go green” – this is Malta Enterprise’s mantra for its Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant, which is aimed at helping businesses make the switch to more sustainable business practices.

As businesses continue to seek opportunities for growth in post-pandemic times, the country’s agency that’s tasked with facilitating the growth of existing business operations, as well as attracting new foreign investment, has been helping companies go green by offering a grant of up to €50,000.

Go digital, become more sustainable & improve your competitive edge

The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant is aimed at supporting investments that lead to more sustainable and digitalised processes which in turn give businesses a better competitive edge.

Anthony David Gatt, Chief Marketing and Media Relations Officer at Malta Enterprise, explained that making the switch to sustainability and digitalisation can help businesses become more more efficient while at the same time reducing their environmental impact.

EU committed to becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050

The European Union is committed to becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050, and this of course requires significant investment from the EU as a whole, but also from governments and businesses.

Apart from this being an obligation, the twin transition to more digital and environmentally-sustainable business practices provides an opportunity for enterprises to grow, enhance their competitiveness and improve sustainability of the economic activity. 

It is for this reason that Malta Enterprise, as a pivotal economic development agency in Malta, is supporting business in their investments to incentivise the adoption of these twin transition paths for growth.

Eligible businesses will receive a cash grant of up to €50,000 if they invest in any of these five areas:
  • waste minimisation
  • use of sustainable materials
  • energy efficiency
  • water efficiency
  • sustainable digitalisation
Are you interested? Call 144 or visit to see whether your business is eligible and for further info!