Be Warned: E-ID Scams Are Back Again With A Fake Police Recording


When around two months ago the Malta Police Force told locals to be wary of scam callers claiming to be police officers, they probably expected a different tactic this time. Instead, the scammers are back with different numbers for a most unwanted return.

Issues with e-ID

The numbers we know of so far are +356 9849 1675, +356 9954 1688 and +356 9941 5818 (do share any new numbers you come across with us and the Malta Police Force). When receiving a call, recipients will be told via a recorded message that the call is coming from the Malta Police Force and that there’s an issue with your e-ID.

The recorded message cites activity connected with money laundering linked to your e-ID account and that the police need to talk to you. You’ll then be prompted to press 1 on your phone, upon which they’ll be directed to a supposed “live agent”.

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A quick hop through popular local groups The Salott or RUBS will reveal the extent to which these calls take place, and in some cases are answered. The shift to apparent Maltese numbers only makes the whole thing seem more legitimate and is quickly leading to people having to treat everything with suspicion.

The Malta Police Force are working hand in hand with local telephone operators in a bid to locate where these calls, messages and e-mails are originating from, and eventually, bring the culprits to justice. The police also stated that despite the overwhelming majority of people have avoided being scammed, there were some unfortunate victims.

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