Awards To ​Celebrate Those Taking Serious Action On Climate Change


From all the indisputable facts in the world, one of the most pressing ones is that the clock is almost striking midnight in the fight against climate change. Needless to say, everyone on this planet is set to be affected by anything climate-related, which is why we owe it to each other to do our part, no matter how big or small to ensure that this planet is as sustainable as it can truly be.

With that in mind, the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning launched the #ClimateOn Campaign back in April 2021. The idea is to raise the level of consciousness of the climate crisis via education and other awareness-raising measures to instil a change in behaviour. At the same time, it will lead to all local climate efforts collaborating with each other on the same climate platform.

Introducing the Climate Action Awards

Among the several initiatives to come from the Campaign, the Climate Action Awards is one of them. The awards are a platform for all members of society, government and business to showcase their climate actions. It’s through these action takers that we can learn how to implement climate-friendly changes into our lifestyles and encourage others to do the same.

With applications submitted, these Awards will culminate in a ceremony on Wednesday 27th October 2021. The winners will receive trophies and monetary prizes, across five categories. Each category caters for specific sectors and climate action types. However, there will be one overall winner, knighted by the award of the Climate Action Crusader title.

That would be someone who went over and above what would normally be expected in addressing Malta’s most pertinent challenges to decarbonise the economy and society at large. But what about the other categories?

The categories

The five categories are made up of The Agent of Change category, The Facilitator category, The Illuminator category, The Innovator category and The Engager category. Each one, naturally, reflects the different spheres of climate actions implemented locally to fight climate change.

Agent of Change encapsulates efforts from the private sector that lead by example and demonstrate how green efforts can go hand in hand with business and set the path for others to follow. Facilitators are those coming from the public sector, including public entities and local councils, and who are working on strategic manoeuvers that are pushing Malta in the right direction.

And what good is all this without research? Not much, which is why The Illuminators category will reward the researchers giving us the full picture, including what to do about the situation we have found ourselves in. Hand in hand but separate are the Innovators, the creators of new technology that can make the fight against climate change possible to address through innovative solutions, especially for difficult to address areas.

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Last but not least are the Engagers; the communicators who are out there educating the public, helping others understand and take actions to fight climate change.

This is the recipe for collective effort to address climate change as a country, by instilling behavioural changes, supported by the government and examples set by businesses that are aided by new technologies and innovation and based on sound scientific knowledge. Success in fighting climate change can only be achieved if all actors of society join forces together against this common goal.

The outcomes of these awards will hopefully instil inspiration and encourage others in Malta and Gozo to follow in the footsteps of climate actors and participate in the climate revolution.

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