Artists Of Malta, Two Students Need Your Help With A Survey


Malta is a nation that tends to pride itself on helping others in need, and when it comes to the arts community, then even more so. In this case, two students are reaching out to the community to help them with a survey for their Digital Arts course at the University of Malta. The point of this survey will be to improve a Valletta-based project and create spaces for people to come together with common interests.

The Valletta Design Cluster

The Valletta Design Cluster has a number of facilities offering space for coworking, conference halls, studios and plenty more. What the two students are focusing on is the Makerspace which is designed to fit a maker’s every need. However, for this concept to work, further input from such makers is required, and that’s where you creators and artists come in.

This Makerspace is currently equipped with tools and machines for prototyping in metalworking, woodworking, textiles, electronics, casting & moulding, computer-aided design, CNC milling, cutting, routing 3D printing and embroidery…so there’s quite a wealth of opportunity there, and it also covers pretty much every kind of creator out there using their hands for their work.

You can access the survey here, and you can visit the VDC website here for more information about the space. So, go on, and help a couple of students out to improve a design space and help boost the arts scene in Malta.

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