Maltese CEO Remarks on Lack of Women in A.I. Task Force

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Earlier today, we reported on how the Maltese Government was looking into making Malta one of the Top 10 in the Artificial intelligence sector. To help do this, they announced a collaboration with SingularityNET, the company behind Sophia the Robot. Along with this, they also formed an artificial intelligence task force to help build a national strategy for AI. Which means developing frameworks, ethics, and legislation on how, and when artificial intelligence can and will be deployed.

Artificial Intelligence Task ForceThe CEO of Intelliblock, James Catania, let his disappointment known. That despite the potential impact of such legislation, the task force only includes one woman.

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A source, who asked to stay anonymous, commented on how even in the largest conferences, women are not given enough importance. While the men are hailed as pioneers, women are often relegated to the sidelines and considered as a showpiece.

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