Are Self-Checkout Trolleys The Next Big Thing?


It wasn’t too long ago that we reported on Malta’s first self-checkout supermarket. It was a project that was a long time coming, but could the next step be coming soon? We spoke with Greens‘ Anthony Grech to get his thoughts, and well…we’re excited!

Self-checkout trolleys

The trolleys currently being tested in the US have a large touchscreen at the front, which connects customers to the platform’s shopping list recommendations, promotional offers and even way-finding capabilities. That’s right – the supermarket’s map can be uploaded to the screen at the front. So, you sure to never get lost or forget which items are located where!

“Automation continues to increase substantially within the retail industry, and I feel that locally we need to step it up even further.” That’s what Anthony had to say, explaining that if this system becomes widespread, it’s a complete game-changer.

“With this, the shopping experience becomes totally independent and seamless for the end consumer. With busy lifestyles & the current pandemic, such a system complements the local retail industry”

Find your way

The cart’s built-in scale and computer-vision camera will scan, weigh and tally up your items. You can scan your loyalty rewards card and then pay directly from the cart’s card reader. It’s a completely contactless experience, from start to finish.

Anthony explained that he’s already tested this kind of tech already, and is impressed. “It’s straightforward to use and convenient,” he said. “With the introduction of the self-checkouts in Malta, Greens supermarket has opened up new opportunities for the first time in Malta, when it comes to the incorporation of automation within the local retail industry.”

With a comment like that, if there’s one place we can expect to see these types of trolleys first, it’s going to be at Greens.

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