Apple 2020 Event – Apple Watch 6 Has Landed


As expected, there was no iPhone 12, but we were kinda disappointed that there was no appearance from the fabled Air Tags. In any case, this Apple Event still had plenty to be excited about, so let’s dive right in to see what we’re so happy about!

Apple Watch Series 6

The event headliner did not disappoint, as Apple CEO Tim Cook explained how the Apple Watch has helped make life better for a lot of people. From monitoring heart rates to aiding blind people with the accessibility features, we’ve got to hand them that one. About the Series 6 though, it is their most varied colour line up to date, that’s for sure. You get to choose between blue, gold, graphite or red, but there’s more to it than that. New health features will allow you to track blood oxygen levels in just 15 seconds, while background measurements can tell if you’re suffering from sleep apnoea. Prices start at €336 and go all the way up to €446, depending on which version you plump for.

The strap got a makeover too, as the buckle is gone and it’s a slip-over model, with either silicone or braided options available. Director of Apple Watch Deirdre Caldbeck chimed in to tell us that families can have their own Apple Watch too, even if they don’t have an iPhone. The range of features will also cover kids’ health issues and who to contact if things go awry. Kids beware though – the School Mode has a specific face that will allow teachers to see if you’re not paying attention.

The Apple Watch SE was also introduced, which combines elements of the Series 6 with other features of Apple Watch, but at more affordable price of €235 or €277. Somewhat surprising was the lack of power cable, but Apple have been making a lot of noise of wanting to be more eco-friendly from now on.

iPad Air and a new ‘mini’ iPad

The iPad Air 4 also got some new colours to boot, with blue, green or rose gold to choose from, along with the standard washes. It’ll have a 2360 x 1640 display, Touch ID on the power button (possibly like the iPhone 12?) along with increased speed, battery life and a 12MP camera at the back. Apple made sure to present their updates to the range of iPads it as the better option to comparable laptops (particularly HP), but there are considerable improvements to it.

The best way to summarise it, is by saying that the iPad Air 4 adds some of nifty upgrades to the Air family, takes everything good about the iPad Pro and presents it all at a lower price than the Pro, starting at €505. Worth noting is that we also got to see the new 10.2-inch iPad, perfect for people who don’t want a top-end tablet or a hole in their pocket after buying one. Prices start at €277 for the basic Wi-Fi-only version, but the LTE version kicks up a lot more dust financially.

The new range of software will also be available as of tomorrow, across iPhone, iPad, Watch and TV. Though that’s all from this event that had us pumped, keep tuned for the next Apple Event expected to be in mid-October. This time, it’ll be even bigger – fingers crossed for the iPhone 12!

Please note that prices have been converted to Euro from American dollars, as stated at Apple’s event. For Maltese prices, kindly contact your nearest authorised reseller.