App Store falls victim to Hijack as handful of Apps Infected by Malware


Software developers really upset the apple cart this week. Global giant, Apple Inc. has revealed that its App Store has fallen prey to a malicious attack.

In what is being considered to be the first of its kind, the hack occurred unbeknownst to software developers mainly in China.


A fake version of Xcode – Apple’s app development tool – was uploaded on file sharing sites. Developers downloaded ‘Xcode (Ghost)’ and developed a number of apps that were then placed on the App Store and downloaded by users.


Once installed, the attacker is able to send an alert direct to the device asking users to enter their username and password. The infected app could also be used to bypass your browser app and retrieve any information stored on your clipboard.

The most worrying app to be compromised is WeChat, China’s alternative to WhatsApp with over half a billion active users. Angry Birds 2 is on the list also, as well as security and finance apps including Card Safe and Pocket Billing.


Apple still has yet to advise exactly the amount to apps affected in this security breach, and there has been no official word on how users can tell whether or not their devices have been compromised.

The best advice at this point is to update all your apps for the time being, and watch this space for further information.

Gadgets will be sure to bring it to you as it comes in!