ANKER has the Product to suit your every need


Anker is the latest tech brand to reach our shores and has created quite a lot of noise in recent months. This brand seems to offer something for everyone. Quality packaged products with top notch quality ranging from charging gadgets to crystal clear portable bluetooth speakers.

”Anker has really been knocking it out of the park for the past few years with powerful, well-designed stuff that’s really affordable.” – The New York Times

Anker really does seem to the be brand for everyone.

1. The Sports enthiusiast
The ANKER SoundBuds Sport are made with you in mind. Featuring a super-secure comfortable fit, water resistance and exceptional sound. No excuses now Anker makes working out fun and will ensure you will want to hit the gym!

2. The person with loads to Charge
The PowerPort Speed 5 is equipped with 5 USB inputs meaning you can charge your phone, laptop, Gopro, tablet and SLR camera with the same chargers. Two of these 5 ports provide Quickcharge 3.0 which will charge your phone 80% faster than regular chargers.

3. The one in contention for the Christopher Columbus award

Are you that person that frequently finds themselves lost whilst driving around with your battery running low? Then the ANKER PowerDrive Speed 2 is made for you. Equipped with 2 ports including Quickcharge 3.0 This handy little gadget will ensure you can stay connected to Google maps and find your way to your destination with a fully charged phone.

  1. The Music Junkie

Let’s face it, music makes everything better. Anker speakers provide crisp, crystal-clear sound quality and robust bass for a great listening experience. These speakers come equipped with great battery life. The Anker SoundCore provides a 24 hour battery life, while the SoundCore sport models are highly waterproof and can even be dunked in water up to 1 metre and even float after taking a plunge. So go on enhance your daily shower with Anker and sing along to your favourite tunes.


  1. The person with no time to wait

Are you always on the go and run out of juice frequently with no time to sit down and wait for your phone to charge? The capacity will allow you to charge your phone 7 times before needing to charge it again! Anker also offers a number of Power banks which come with different size capacities, some even as small as a lipstick case which you can carry around in your small clutch bag.

6. The guy with the chewed up cables

Anker cables are made available for both Android and Apple users. These cables are the fastest and most durable charging cables on the market. How often do you purchase a new cable to charge your phone? Anker tested these babies by bending them over 6,000 times and saw no damage or change in performance. Videos can be found online of someone actually towing a car with these Anker cables! So if your car happens to breakdown on you, Anker also has you covered!

The Anker range is available from all leading outlets across Malta and Gozo as well as online with free delivery from