All Work & All Play: Malta’s First Gamers’ Academy

Level Academy

With the introduction of Level Academy, Malta’s first dedicated video game and esports training facility, it could set the stage for work and play to fuse into one. For CEO & founder, Kevin Spiteri, it kickstarts his dream of using gaming as a teaching vehicle and giving Maltese youngsters the chance to make a career out of the professional gaming industry.

A Bold Investment

€100,000 has been invested into a level playing field with 13 hi-tech, hi-spec gaming stations. It has not only created an engaging environment, but it also allows for a fair evaluation of each applicant’s performance. “That way”, says Kevin Spiteri, “it’s purely skills-based, and nothing else.” Clayton Bartolo added that with this launch, “Malta can tap further into the industry of esports, which can result in a career opportunity”.

During the Inauguration of Level Academy Centre

It’s Not All About Gaming…

That’s right; Level Academy doesn’t just teach you how to play games. The first thing you should know is that gaming careers begin early and end pretty quick too. That’s why they’ve got a variety of courses that not only prepare applicant’s for pro-gaming, but for more.

The classes teach responsible gaming, cybersecurity and learning how to live stream. Keep in mind, though, the chances of making it to the top level are slim. That doesn’t mean that the dream ends there, as there’s work to be done as content creators, accountants and executives (to mention a few) within the professional gaming world. Kevin himself said,

Kevin Spiteri

“Coming to Malta from Canada, I found the education system to be militarised, and I always wanted a different learning experience”.

With this in mind, setting up this academy is his chance to set up the game-based learning he’s dreamed of. “The reality”, Kevin adds, “is that it is very similar to professional sports: it takes daily practice and lots of dedication, so you need to have the right mindset.” There are coaches who help students analyse their performances critically but also creatively – it’s not only about today’s performance but how one can tap into and realise their full playing potential.

Where’s It At and What’s The End Game?

Level Academy is located in Birkirkara, but due to the current COVID-19 situation, lectures are being held online.

Though this is just one step, it is a continuation of a journey which will lead to new careers. For now, the focus will be to begin considering esports and video-game related careers as acceptable, respected and even recommended choices. “This way we can give added value to society as a whole”, concluded Clayton Bartolo.

As Heath Ledger’s Joker once said, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free”. So, if it pays to play, why not take a chance? If you’d like more information about Level Academy, you can check out their website here: