Airrived: the Must-Have App to Tell Everyone That Your Flight Has Landed


We have all been there. It’s 11pm – you’ve just landed at your destination after being in the air for over 3 hours with no in-flight food service (why are these airlines depriving us so much??). Your stomach starts to rumble, you become forgetful, and you can only think about food. The last thing on your mind is remembering to tell family and friends you’ve landed, right? No problem, meet the latest must-have flight app Airrived.

With Airrived you have peace-of-mind that friends and family will be informed that you’ve landed to your destination without having to think about it yourself. The app sends an automated notification to your chosen contacts and informs them that you have landed at your destination – so all you need to worry about is having fun!

The app even works if you forget to turn your phone on between dashing from one place to another or if you’re having network connection issues. It also caters for flight delays by sending an automated notification to your chosen contacts to inform them of the delay.

The easy-to-use app, developed by a Maltese IT enthusiast, is free and is available on Google Playstore. The first two trips and two contact listings are free of charge. For further information, you can find Airrived on Facebook and Instagram  

How to subscribe:

  1. You download the App from Google Playstore.

2. You enter the flight number and travel date.


3. You choose two contacts you wish the app to message


Will this put your mind at ease this Christmas season? Let us know in the comment section below.