AENO Offers High Quality, Smart Appliances That Won’t Break The Bank


Smart appliances have become an essential part of our lifestyle, and one fantastic brand that comes to mind when it comes to home appliances is AENO, whose mission is to make smart technologies more accessible.

Offering excellent value for money, AENO gives you the possibility to make use of high quality appliances without having to break the bank. Above all, AENO’s innovative approach ensures that its devices are designed to enable a more wholesome life.

AENO Table Blender & Soup Maker

AENO’s TB3 Table Blender & Soup Maker allows you to grind food, as well as cook up a variety of healthy and delicious meals just as you would in a regular saucepan!

You can make soup, prepare baby food, fruit and vegetables, smoothies, soups and even cereals, just to mention a few. All you need to do is place the food in the blender, set the desired mode, press the start button and wait till it’s done.

The blender comes with a large volume, 1.75-litre glass bowl that’s perfect for the whole family and that’s heat resistant, meaning that it doesn’t emit any harmful substances during preparation. Its eight stainless steel blades allow you to grind even the hardest of ingredients (including ice) at high speeds of up to 28,000 rpm.

Convenience is key with the AENO blender: its delayed start timer gives you the possibility to fill the blender bowl with food in advance, select the desired cooking programme and choose the time to actually start the programme. Additionally, its self-cleaning mode makes it so easy to clean the bowl after use; all you need to do is add half a litre of water and a little cleaning solution, and select the self-cleaning mode.

The AENO TB3 table blender is available at a fantastic price at Intercomp. Buy now for only €139!

AENO’s air purifiers

AENO offers a range of air purifiers suited for different budgets.

The air purifiers capture large particles like dust and pet hair, while their HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter traps 99.95% of the tiniest, microscopic particles, including those that trigger allergic reactions.

The air purifiers’ carbon filter removes volatile organic compounds, unpleasant odours such as the stale scent created by tobacco smoke and lingering cooking smells and other gaseous air pollutants. Additionally, the appliances comes with built-in UV, which is used to clean the air. Ultraviolet light beams pass through the air supply and trap some bacteria, mould, fungus before the HEPA starts the main cleaning process.

And purification is taken a step further with the air purifiers’ ionisation system – by electrically charging the air molecules, ionisation works wonders for people suffering from allergies, asthma and other respiratory-related health issues.

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