Acclaimed Maltese Institute Offering A Master in Creativity & Innovation Programme


The words “creativity” and “innovation” are oft-used nowadays, and sometimes unjustly, which might have led to some loss of star quality to them. But the truth is that when they’re used in the right context and paired with the right tools, you can forget about simply using them as buzzwords, as they take you to new levels both professionally and academically. How can one reach these levels though?

Inspiration from The Man himself

The Edward de Bono Institute for Creative Thinking and Innovation’s Master in Creativity and Innovation covers more than those two keywords. It also adds in entrepreneurship and foresight, two tools that would be necessary to marry all disciplines together for a successful end goal.

The barrier to entry is set relatively low and with good reason; creativity and innovation know no bounds. The entry requirement is a Bachelor degree in any subject from the University of Malta, or the equivalent qualification from any other recognised university. Having attracted students who are already full-fledged business owners, architects, artists, musicians, teachers and nurses to name a few, the countries they come from are just as varied.

To make things easier, the course is available on both full-time and part-time basis, though all lectures are held during the day. Full-time students have three semesters to complete the course, while part-time students have six semesters. The programme has a total of 90 ECTS, of which 60 are attributed to taught material, while the remaining 30 are for the dissertation.

There are almost no limits to subject choice

Though students must focus on at least one of the course’s four subject areas (creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship or foresight) in their dissertation, the specific research topics vary. Previous choices have included ICT, design, advertising, business, education, art and psychology, but really and truly it’s down to the students to choose whether to  follow the path of others before them or set their own.

Students who successfully complete the 60 ECTS of taught material, but not the dissertation will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Creativity and Innovation – quite a nifty feather to have in your cap!

Establishing links within & across borders

Covid-permitting, the Institute is committed to strengthening the links between Industry and Academia via off-campus visits and talks by expert guest speakers. There’s a wide range of events that are organised or supported by the Institute that offer students unprecedented opportunities to observe how the theories they’re learning about are applied in practice. That’s fantastic, even before considering that it’s also an opportunity for them to build and grow their own professional network.

Erasmus+ agreements between The Edward de Bono Institute and various European Universities means that students have increased intra-EU mobility opportunities.

Take it from someone who knows…

Here at Gadgets, we loving putting theories to the test, and how better to find out just how good this programme is than by asking a current or former student? How about both?

Music artist and primary school teacher Amber Bondin is a proud alumna and lauds attending the Institute as one of the best things she’s ever done.

“Studying for a Master’s Degree in Innovation & Creativity within the Edward de Bono Institute at the University of Malta was one of the best choices I have ever made. I have always found ideas of innovation, idea development, working within a team & implementing creative skills as very intriguing, & this study programme has equipped me with the right skill set for implementing such ideas in all sectors of my life.”

She further explains that whether in the classroom, during music creation or marketing, what she learnt in terms of creativity and innovation has always been of great help, and she fully recommends it to anyone in any sector who’s looking to enhance their creative capabilities and their thinking skills.

For current Institute Student Representative Andrew Portelli, who’s also operations manager at B2B Malta, there was a degree of scepticism towards the programme at first. Would it really be practical? Does it actually have any relevance in the private industry? Can it truly broaden one’s skill set? Here’s what he had to say.

“Being at the latter end of the course I can say with confidence that the programme has excelled on each of these fronts, providing me with sets of tools for which I found immediate practical application in my everyday work & which continue to inform my thinking. The course is the right combination of challenging, multidisciplinary, practical & theoretical for anyone looking to augment their understanding of key concepts in creativity, innovation & business.”

Portelli also heaps praise on the Institute’s staff members, whom he describes as “highly energetic and dedicated” and work with each student every step of the way.

Get applying NOW

Applications for this programme are open until 30th September at 14:00 against the University of Malta’s late application fee. Eligible students may benefit from a tax credit of up to 70% of the course fees under the “Get Qualified” scheme.

Want to know more? Get in touch via e-mail at, phone 2340 2434, or visit for the full-time course, or for the part-time version.