Abandoned Vessels Being Removed From Grand Harbour


The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects together with Infrastructure Malta have started work on regenerating the Grand Harbour. The focus of these works right now is the abandoned vessels that needlessly occupy various spaces.

12 vessels to be removed

However, it’s not as simple as one might think. Most of these boats are in varying states of decay and completely submerged, which calls for specialist equipment and experience in each case. There are also legal and logistical factors that need to be considered, but shouldn’t alter the end goal.

Minister Ian Borg said, “Our harbour is of strategic importance. It is a harbour that has a variety of uses; industrial, freight but also on the touristic level and so every place we have in this harbour needs to be well utilised.”

He further explained that “we must ensure that every space is used in the best possible way and therefore we are cleaning these wrecked vessels that were sunk and abandoned inland of Marsa, about twelve in all.”

He also referenced a new port notice that will notify the ministry every two months about the progress being made.

Do you agree that the Grand Harbour should become a focal point of the Maltese economy?