A Welcome Initiative For Greener Maltese Roads


GreenRoads Malta is an initiative that looks to provide intelligent transport solutions, focusing on sustainable transport. Or, in layman’s terms, they want to reduce traffic and pollution from local streets. Here’s how they go about sharing their ideas!

Green tips

From time to time, GreenRoads Malta will share simple tips that can go a long way towards reducing traffic and pollution. Whether it’s walking or cycling, using public transport or car-sharing, these are not tips to look down upon. Maybe it’s time more of us started paying closer attention! For more about green tips, head here.

What does the future hold?

The ultimate goal is to reduce private vehicle dependence, something that we Maltese take very seriously. It’s a strategy that’s slowly being implemented across both governmental and private sectors, however we do need to start making more use of artificial intelligence, big data and computer vision if we’re really going to achieve the goals set out.

They’re also supporting an ongoing event that’s essentially business-level matchmaking. This will allow urban mobility key players to pitch & showcase project ideas and exchange on complementary capabilities.​

Is Malta heading in the right direction with more and more sustainability-oriented initiatives?