A Team-Oriented Atmosphere With Opportunities To Grow: What It’s Like Working With Ennesse – Part 2


Financial accounting services firm Ennesse “believes in and values every employee who works hard, so if you’re one to strive for new goals and accomplishments”, Ennesse could be the right place for you!

Gadgets has spoken to some more Ennesse employees to get a first-hand account of what it’s like to work at Ennesse, and this is what they had to say.

Business Development & Sales Executive Charmaine Borg has been with Ennesse since February 2021 after a break of 18 years away from the working environment.

A never-ending learning process where you’re given the opportunity to grow, improve your skills and reach your potential

Charmaine said that working with Ennesse is a never-ending learning process where she is given the opportunity to grow, improve her skills and reach her potential.

Charmaine Borg

“As I started progressing in my role, I was trusted with a more challenging, yet satisfying workload which is something I truly enjoy as it gives me a sense of motivation, as well as the opportunity to meet new potential clients from all walks of life, which means that each work day is different and never boring.

“I would recommend Ennesse to those who want an impeccable professional committed service and who wish to rely on a reputable accounting firm that will drive their business to the right direction – ‘reliability’ is our cup of tea.”

Charmaine pointed towards the following elements when asked why she would recommend Ennesse:

  • team-oriented atmosphere
  • opportunities to grow
  • support & development
  • nice working environment
  • cooperation, support and empowerment
  • feeling valued
“At Ennesse, my input and suggestions are valued”

“I love that I have a good degree of control and freedom within my job, and the fact that my workplace values and actively seeks my input and suggestions. I also appreciate the sense of community within the office, where everyone works together to reach the best possible outcome for every challenge and opportunity,” said Charmaine , adding that “Ennesse believes in and values every employee who works hard, so if you’re one to strive for new goals and accomplishments”.

HR & Recruitment Officer Liridona Dega, who joined Ennesse six months ago, was in agreement, and said that Ennesse gives people the opportunity to advance in their career if they’re committed.

Talking about her journey at Ennesse, she said it was very gradual. “I found a team that is very open to new ideas, so everyone’s opinion counts. They were ready to offer their help by providing training, and I’m learning new things every day, so I feel more confident in my job as my development is continuous.”

Liridona added that because there are plenty of opportunities to grow and develop, if someone is eager to learn, then Ennesse is the ideal place.

Liridona Dega
Everyone is inspired and motivated to achieve their best

“With the training academy, you always have the chance to learn new things. As from my studies, I have a background in Psychology and Human Resources, but I recently started a training course in accounts. Having the opportunity to explore other areas as well makes me feel motivated and so going to work is actually enjoyable. At Ennesse everyone is inspired and motivated to achieve their best. You feel a sense of belonging because it offers a collaborative and inclusive environment.”

Gadgets also spoke with Senior Management Accountant Darren Agius, who will soon celebrate his fifth anniversary at Ennesse.

When he first started working at Ennesse, he used to help other managers with their daily tasks until he had his own portfolio of clients and employees to supervise.

Before joining Ennesse, Darren was employed by one of ‘the Big 4’ accounting companies, where he would be given given assignments to complete by his manager.

“At Ennesse, I was the one in charge of managing and assigning work to my team. This was challenging at first, but with time, I saw improvements in my problem-solving skills, as well as my confidence in judgement”.

“I would recommend Ennesse to anyone looking to advance in the accounting field and find a challenging position”

“People can learn a lot from us because we have clientele from many different sectors. Additionally, we have a training facility where we prepare personnel before placing them with clients.”

Darren Agius

He highlighted the following factors in particular for anyone who may be considering joining Ennesse:

  • be open to learning new things
  • have no fear of change. These are a part of the environment of today because, in my opinion, survival is everything.
  • to accept the challenge being presented
  • have faith in your gut

Darren went on to say that they form a great team, starting with senior management. Deadlines is a phrase that is frequently used in the accounting industry, and Ennesse puts a lot of effort into closing the accounts from the prior year during the first few months of every year so that audits can then begin.

However, Darren added that every member of the team at Ennesse is prepared to help whenever necessary, and because every employee is approachable, anytime a problem develops, they are always able to find a solution.

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