A Podcast Experience Like No Other: The Midnight Gospel’s Best Quotes


You can take your pick from adult-based animated series like Rick & Morty, Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth and the like. Available on Netflix, “The Midnight Gospel” can be added to that list, and it’s pretty engaging once you get used to the trippy animation. Born out of Duncan Trussel’s podcasts with various psychologists, authors and gurus, and animated by Pendelton Ward (creator of Adventure Time), “The Midnight Gospel” takes you on an existential rollercoaster on the search for…well, the truth probably. Truth about what? You’ll have to figure that out once you’ve watched the show, but here are the five quotes that stuck with us.

1. “There’s no such thing as a good drug or a bad drug” – Episode 1

Right from the off, Clancy (the main character) dives right into the legalisation of drugs, which led to this quote from Drew Pinsky, on whether drugs are inherently good or bad. One example would be that Valium before an operation helps, but after drinking? Not so much. Therefore, it’s the relationships and circumstances that humans have with these substances that are the issue, and it’s the relationship that is good or bad.

2. “The stuff that enlivens us and heals us doesn’t come on bumper stickers. It’s hard-fought.” – Episode 2

“No free rides” is what comes to mind when hearing that line, and it’s right, in the sense that anything truly worth having doesn’t just drop out of the sky. We’re not just talking physically, like a house, or a chiselled body, but relationships with others and ourselves. They all require work and maintenance, and it’s very rarely easy.

3 “The Tibetans, how they approach it, “love” means how happy you can make another person.” – Episode 2

It’s very different to how we perceive the romanticised definition on this side of the globe. Love shouldn’t just be what is felt by one person towards another, it’s a connection where both parties would give absolutely anything for the other. Always remember, actions speak louder than intentions. You may have a heart of gold, but so does a hard-boiled egg.

4. “We don’t have to love our enemy, but we don’t have to be obsessed for our lifetime with the harm that was done to us.” – Episode 4

Think of forgiveness as freeing your own heart. A different interpretation of this is that you don’t have to forgive your enemy, but maybe yourself if you somehow feel responsible for something that happened to you. Set yourself free, and be open to change that takes you to new highs.

5. “Just be here now.” – Episode 8

This episode makes for the most poignant viewing, as Duncan Trussel (voicing Clancy) interviewed his mother sometime before her passing away. Though the certainty of death is mentioned a lot, the show revolves around accepting it, as there’s no way to fight it. So, if there’s no resisting the flow of that river, you might as well enjoy the time you have here.

Those were our choices. Now go forth, and enjoy the show.