A Parking Post On RUBS Is Going Viral & It’s Splitting Opinions


Anyone who’s ever been to Marsaskala will know very well the trauma of finding decent parking. There’s even rumours of devil-deal-making at cross-roads in order to find a spot 15-minutes away. But we digress. While the law is the law and should always be upheld (whether it’s parking or anything else), there is an issue that plagues a village and there appears to be very little being done about it.

What’s the deal?

Here’s the post in full. Again, are wardens wrong to patrol areas they know where contraventions are likely? On the one hand, no one is above the law, no matter what you’re doing (unless it’s an emergency), but we can’t ignore the fact that there’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

Furthermore, it goes to show that the vehicle and traffic issues we spoke of recently are more than apparent. Switching to two wheels is one option. Riding a bike maybe more so, but not everyone is adept at riding a bike. So for now, it appears the issue will rage on.

The comments

As we said, it’s splitting opinions. Some people are saying that the parking situation should lead to some leniency. Others say that the law is applied the same around the island. Also, Marsaskala isn’t the only place facing these issues.

So, until the wider issue of parking is tackled, should wardens go easier on certain areas in terms of parking illegalities? We want to know your opinion!