A New Player Is Making Waves In The Property Industry


Property has been booming in Malta, so some might find it as strange that people still experience difficulties renting or renting out. We had a chat with Kamila from www.maltarentflat.com on how the idea came about, the team’s background and why they have catchy Maltese sayings dotted around their website.

What’s the fuss about?

The first assumption is that maltarentflat.com is similar to Airbnb. Though in one or two instances it may be, that’s not even half the picture. Maltarentflat.com offers longer letting options than its global counterpart, as well as selling property. As the name suggests, it’s super straightforward; there are dedicated agents handling the properties, and the app also lets you select a language preference.

Kamila explained: “If someone’s moving from Italy to Malta, and they feel more comfortable to speak in Italian for such an important event, they can choose an agent fluent in Italian.” Furthermore, a property video feature was introduced during the lockdown, since potential renters and buyers were wary of venturing outdoors. Photos don’t always do a property justice, but a video will provide a more authentic feel.

You can join as a tenant, agent or property owner, register via the dedicated WhatsApp channel and you then select your custom availabilities. Monday to Sunday, dusk till dawn, you decide when people can contact you. It’s completely free and easy to use, whether you’re a local looking for a new property to buy; seasoned navigator of the industry looking to sell; or a digital nomad looking to start their Maltese adventure.

Who’s who and why now

Kamila and Radim had been globetrotting across a hundred countries and had stayed in Malta along the way. From London to Dubai, Bali to Czechia, they found out that they missed this little jewel in the Med a bit too much and decided to settle here. Looking for a place to rent, they found the process unnecessarily complicated, finding somewhere to stay just in time before the lockdown. With business slowing down around the globe, the two put their heads together. With Radim’s experience in development and Kamila’s in recruitment and problem solving, they came up with an app that was missing from the Maltese market.

“What we were missing, we found in Frank,” says Kamila. “He’s a friend we knew from our previous visit, and he’s got extensive experience in property, so he knows what works, what doesn’t, what’s missing and so on.” With clear and defined roles and responsibilities from the get-go, this team is the epitome of well-balanced.

Qwiel u Idjomi

One thing subtle thing that will catch your eye on the website is the use of some Maltese sayings. It creates a feeling of trust (as far as this writer is concerned), in the sense that although it’s a service used more by non-locals, it still has that unique Maltese feel to it. “Even the logo is a drawing of Valletta at night, one of the most beautiful things to behold on the island”, says Kamila. There’s no doubt that these guys have taken Malta to heart, both living here and designing their product. That’s not the end of it though: they’re also hoping to add a Maltese version of the website sometime in the future, making sure everyone is comfortable.

An eye on the future

The lifting of measures will hopefully allow businesses to start recovering, and Kamila says that though wary of a possible second wave, there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. “The second wave has been mentioned, but we think that Malta has handled the whole

situation a lot better than most countries. If there is another lockdown, we’ll be happy to spend it here, close to the sea!