A new efficient service for all restaurants


Do you own an eatery or hospitality business? This new POS system Ikentoo is guaranteed to change the way you run your business. We spoke to business owners from restaurants Avoctaco and Hammett’s Macina to find out what makes this system so great.

Efficiency in food orders

With the iPad POS system, customers can order their food digitally. The system allows customers to have a ‘Do it Yourself’ service where they place an order through the restaurant’s iPads. The order is sent directly to the kitchen and the meal is out in a jiffy.

Easy staff management

With the Ikentoo system, you’re able to manage your staff easier. It allows you to input rosters and sort out all your staffing requirements at a touch of a button. Each employee is given their own code, making it easy to have self-managed employees.

You can monitor your sales in real-time

The system updates all your sales orders in real-time. So at any given time, you can log in and export your financials for reconciliation. In this way, you can gauge your sales performance instantly, allowing you to make any necessary changes where needed.

Makes customers happy

With a CRM system forming part of the Ikentoo, you are able to track and monitor customer movements and behaviour. This allows you to reward your loyal customers which contributes to their overall satisfaction.

If you’re looking to optimize your business, the Ikentoo system is the one for you. For more information visit their website here.