A Maltese Creative Thinking Hub Is Helping Make Waves In Africa & It’s Something The World Needs More Of


Some might say that charity and goodwill must begin at home, but when we really think about it, this entire world is our abode, so, technically our good intentions should know no boundaries limited by geography. That is why Creolabs‘ and rise‘s efforts should be not just commended, but supported. Here’s why.

Focus on: Lesotho

In July of this year, between Creolabs Malta, Action Ireland Trust and the 5 Hub Schools in Lesotho, a partnership was established that aims at improving the learning experience of children at various schools in Lesotho. Four primary and one secondary school were identified as “priority” by Lesotho’s Ministry of Education and Training, as they needed infrastructure improvements as well as education training programs.

Speaking to rise, (Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise) founder and Hon. Consul of Malta in Lesotho, Daniela Gusman, it’s evident that the project is direly needed. “As well as the creation of Lesotho’s first-ever Creative Thinking Lab, the 5 Hub Schools initiative also includes extensive infrastructure improvements such as desperately needed running water, toilets, school kitchens, food gardens, digging of boreholes and rainwater harvesting systems for over 5000 students,” she reveals.

rise international is constructing these in partnership with recent graduates from our “in loco” fellowship program, which comprises a design, build and entrepreneurship training program for entrepreneurs in the built environment,” Gusman further explains. Even with all this in mind, it’s still a pilot project, but the early success breathes hope for a brighter future.

“Our hope”, Gusman tells us, “is that once the positive results are seen from the creative thinking labs with this pilot, others working in the education sector will be enticed to support efforts in rolling out the Creative Thinking after-schools program nationwide.”

Creolabs in Malta

Joe Woods, Creative Director at Creolabs, is similarly upbeat. “At Creolabs we are very happy with the partnership and how it is evolving”, he enthuses. “Although still in its initial stages the pilot project has opened up some great opportunities we can explore in Lesotho and other parts of Africa.”

Creolabs is also supporting the Technology Enhanced & Remote Teaching & Learning Conference, which is being held online on the 15th of September 2021. The Symposium is an opportunity for Master and Doctoral graduates, Doctoral candidates and researchers to present their recent work on three themes:

  •  Learning tools in technology-enhanced and remote teaching and learning
  • Teaching methods in technology-enhanced & remote teaching & learning
  • Evaluating technology-enhanced & remote teaching & learning – perception, preparation & lessons learned for the future.

The draft agenda and the book of abstracts of the papers to be presented during the parallel sessions are available for download here​.