1. Digital Camera
    Polaroids are always going to have that certain charm to them as a final product. This charm might not be so strong for the photographer who had to carry out a trip to develop a film once full. This trip to have the film developed was cut out by the introduction of digital cameras.
  2. Bluetooth
    Something we remember nostalgically is sending ringtones and songs to each other via Bluetooth. This data transferring technology is one of the few that has lasted the times. The latest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5 and is obviously the best version of Bluetooth yet with regards to data transfer speeds.
  3. GPS
    Physically printed road maps are something ancient nowadays. Satnavs and TomTom’s have built the path towards perfect geographical tracking and direction taking.
    Gone are the days of sitting on the side of the road while the driver highlights the route to your destination.
  4. Smartphones
    After the introduction of the mobile phone featuring nothing but calls, companies like Apple & Samsung have completely changed the way we looked at mobile phones.
    Play music, take photos, have calls over the internet (VOIP) and send instant messages free of charge via wifi or mobile data are a few things that have taken the smartphone to the level of a necessity.
  5. Nintendo Gameboy
    This Gadget made long journeys and rainy days a pleasure. The Gameboy gave other companies and Nintendo itself the confidence to invest in portable gaming as we know it today.
  6. The Internet
    No introduction needed: The medium which over 60% of the world is on. The internet is widely used in everyday life for most of the people with an internet connection. The internet has allowed us to share files and anything else we would like to seamlessly.
  7. Credit Card
    Credit cards are used everywhere from fuel payments to online shipping as they work by allowing small short term loans to be made quickly to a customer who doesn’t need to calculate a remaining balance after every transaction.
  8. Calculator
    Created in the 1960s; this gadget has saved loads of people time. Ranging from students to scientists; everyone carries a calculator and if not they will have a pre-installed one on their smartphone.
  9. Radio
    Radio has become an important part of our daily life from listening to news bulletins to jamming out to your favourite station.