8 Annoying Things Our Smartphones Still Do In 2020


1) Locking your phone when you want to take a screenshot

It’s happened to all of us. You’re ready to snap a meme that made you snort and send it to your friends only to lock your phone. Your fingers can’t seem to harmonise the timing needed to hit the right buttons at the same time. When are three finger swiping gestures going to be ubiquitous?

2) Car Bluetooth Connectivity

Picture the scene. You’ve entered your friend’s car. You’re about to play the most dope fire song you know that your friend will love, so you ask to connect to the Bluetooth. After about 10 minutes of trying to pair and getting nowhere, your friend hits you with the “its ok, we’ll play from mine.” You’ve surrendered control. All is lost.

3) Permanent Notifications

For the all too OCD inclined of us, the urge to read and reply to that notification is uncontrollable. You release a short sigh of relief. You put your phone down and they reply to your chat. You’re back to square one.

4) Accidentally hitting a notification while gaming

You’re tearing up that online game, top of the leader-board and on a hot streak. You’ve got an enemy in your sights. As you go to execute the kill, your mum asks if torta tal-irkotta is fine for dinner. Rather than looking at a game-winning kill, you’re now staring at a message as blank as the hole in your heart.

5) Search History Suggestions

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just forget to use incognito. Don’t let your mum use your phone to look for recipe suggestions related to pork.

6) Automatic Refresh

Your Instagram feed was open before you switched to another app. You switch back to Instagram and see a meme that makes you laugh. Right as you’re about to share it with your group chat, your feed automatically refreshes itself, and your meme is lost to the endless abyss of the internet.

7) Taking photos of computer screens

How is it that in 2020, I cannot send a clear picture of my laptop screen to a friend? What’s with the black and white lines? Why does it look like I physically used a flour sieve as a phone filter? Who can answer my questions?

8) Ok this one is kind of a call-back to number one

…but how many times have you tried to take a screenshot and only manage to do so once your phone has shown you what level your volume is at? CAN SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT TAKING SCREENSHOTS PLEASE.