7 keyboard shortcuts to get your work done faster


It’s Monday morning. Weekend seems like a distant dream and as you’re stuck in an hour of traffic, you start to panic. How will I manage to get all my work done today? The bumper-to-bumper jam gets you thinking – is there a way I can be more efficient with the work I have lined up? Here is our list of keyboard shortcuts guaranteed to save you the time lost in the morning traffic. You might even find the time for your lunch break!


Shortcut 1

You listen to Michela Pace’s latest Eurovision entry on YouTube, browse Facebook, read lovinmalta.com and book your Friday night date with taaable.com. Only to end up with too many open windows. Your desktop is hidden under all the running apps. By clicking Windows + M you can find your desktop immediately and return to your boring work folder or to your dreamy holiday pics!

Shortcut 2

Hey Now, all you got to believe in… Listening to your music album is an important tool in work productivity. If you want to gain quick access to your music app, you can create a shortcut for it in your taskbar. To activate press Windows key + any number from 1-9. This is not available for any MAC users.

Shortcut 3

Do you want to watch your favourite Netflix show while working on your dull excel sheet? You can split-screen and view two apps simultaneously by pressing windows key + arrow left and windows key + arrow right.

Shortcut 4

If you are feeling lonely at work, you can talk to Siri or Alexa. Press the Windows Key + C (Command + Space on MAC) and the microphone will pop up on your screen to talk to your digital personal assistants – Siri, order me a Costa coffee to go please.

Shortcut 5

Haqq dan c-cuc ta komputer! Do you swear like mad when something you are working on causes our PC to crash? By pressing CTRL + Shift + ESC (Command + Option + Escape on MAC), your task manager will open and you will be able to close the program that is causing the jam. All your hard work restored – hurray!

Shortcut 6

Ara kemm hu helu Ben fir-ritratt bil-baby! Do you often need to show your colleague some ‘work’ (ahem… handsome Ben) from your computer? By pressing Windows Key + Printscreen, you take a snapshot of what you are working on your screen. You can then paste this image into an email with CTRL + V.  (if you’re sending to your boss, close YouTube and Facebook tabs before sending the screenshot!)

Shortcut 7

Do you often find yourself lost in the multitude of tabs for different projects? Save yourself time by creating a new desktop by pressing the shortcut Windows Key + CTRL + D (Control + Up (MAC). This allows you to create a different desktop per project. You can then switch back to any desktop you need by pressing Windows + CTRL (Control Key on MAC)

Have these tips helped you be more productive? Reward yourself, and leave the office early and catch some sun while it’s still out!